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Season 3

Re-board the Jupiter 2 with the Robinson family for the final time as Lost In Space Season 3 is released to buy on DVD in full colour. This nostalgic seven-disc collection from the third and final season features all 24 episodes.

The Jupiter 2 lifted off in a futuristic 1997, carrying onboard the five members of the Robinson family, pilot Major Don West, and the Robot on a mission to relocate to another planet. However, the ship became hopelessly lost when sabotaged by the cunning stowaway Dr. Smith. All aboard are classified 'Lost In Space', as they travel the universe, hoping to return to Planet Earth.

During Season 3, the Robinsons' journey through space brings them into contact with a whole variety of strange alien races, including cyborgs, invisible birds, frozen aliens and a memorable array of monsters! The Jupiter 2 makes it back to Earth no less than three times, only for the ship to hastily retreat back to outer space - usually with missiles bearing down on the unfortunate crew! The final season also contains two of fans' favourite Lost In Space episodes - Visit To A Hostile Planet and The Anti-Matter Man.

Visit To A Hostile Planet sees the Robinson family land in a small town on Earth, but the year is 1947, 50 years before they left! The people on Earth mistake their ship for a UFO and behave in a hostile manner towards the Robinsons. They decide to leave but Will is kidnapped, while Dr. Smith causes problems when he poses as a townsperson in order to try and stay! In The Anti-Matter Man, John disappears and an evil duplicate takes his place. The Robot, Will and Dr. Smith try to rescue the "real" John who is being held captive by an evil duplicate of Don!

The show ends on two of its stranger stories with the episodes The Great Vegetable Rebellion and Junkyard In Space! The first of these sees Dr. Smith confronted by a giant talking carrot who accuses Dr. Smith of murder and says that he must pay with his life! After Smith acts suspicious over the radio, the Robinsons come to his rescue and try to thwart the plant creature... In the series finale Junkyard In Space, the Jupiter 2 lands on a planet that serves as a junkyard. The Robinson's food supply is dwindling, so Dr. Smith, in an act of desperation, offers the Robot and the Jupiter 2 to a mechanical junkman!

Season 3 is the most weird and wonderful yet of the Irwin Allen created series as the Robinsons continue their cosmic adventures, and encounter ever more bizarre alien life-forms! Packed with special features, the DVD box-set includes interview clips with Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris, 24 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers, 20 programme interstitials and four network bumpers and tags. Reminisce with Lost In Space Season 3 on DVD, as fans experience the perfect opportunity to complete their collections!


Feature running time: Each episode approx. 49 minutes
Language: English
Subtitle: English Hard Of Hearing
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.33 (4x3FF)
Sound Quality: English 2.0


Disc 1:
The Condemned Of Space
Visit To A Hostile Planet
Kidnapped In Space
Hunter's Moon
Four 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for Visit To A Hostile Planet, Kidnapped In Space, Hunter's Moon, The Space Primevals

Disc 2:
The Space Primevals
The Space Destructors
The Haunted Lighthouse
Flight Into The Future
Four 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for The Space Destructors, The Haunted Lighthouse, Flight Into The Future and Collision Of The Planets

Disc 3:
Collision Of The Planets
The Space Creature
The Deadliest Of The Species
A Day At The Zoo
Four 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for The Deadliest Of The Species, A Day At The Zoo and Two Weeks In Space

Disc 4:
Two Weeks In Space
Castles In Space
Anti-Matter Man
Three 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for Castles In Space, Anti-Matter Man and Target: Earth
20 Program Interstitials (30 secs each)
Four Network Bumpers & Tags (10 secs each)

Disc 5:
Target: Earth
Princess Of Space
The Time Merchant
The Promised Planet
Four 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for Princess Of Space, The Time Merchant, The Promised Planet and Fugitives In Space

Disc 6:
Fugitives In Space
Space Beauty
The Flaming Planet
Three 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for Space Beauty, The Flaming Planet and The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Disc 7:
The Great Vegetable Rebellion
Junkyard In Space
Two 'Next On Lost In Space' teasers (1 min each) for Junkyard In Space and The Condemned Of Space
Target: Earth Act Break (40 secs)
Interstitial Blooper
Three 1995 Bill Mumy interview clips
Three 1995 Jonathan Harris interview clips

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