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This nostalgic eight disc collection includes all 30 episodes from Season 1, including the infamous unaired pilot, the most expensive ever created at the time.

It's the year 1997 and Earth is suffering from massive overpopulation. Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen, their children (Judy, Penny and Will) and Major Don West are selected to go to the third planet in the Alpha Centauri star system to establish a colony in the hope that others will also be able to settle there. They are to travel there on a space ship of Professor Robinson's design, christened the Jupiter 2. However, an agent for an enemy foreign government, Dr. Zachary Smith, is sent to sabotage the mission. Whilst trying to re-program the ship's robot, he becomes trapped onboard and, because of the weight of an extra person, the Jupiter 2 becomes hopelessly lost. It now becomes a fight for survival as the crew try to find their way back home.

During their time lost in space, the Robinson family and Major Don West have countless unique adventures and extraordinary experiences. From encountering alien life forms, space pirates and space travellers, to visiting new planets and surviving cosmic storms, they must also foil the attempts of Dr. Smith to disrupt their plans and put their lives at risk.

The popularity of Lost In Space has continued ever since it was first screened in 1965, with a loyal fanbase who continue to be interested in the show. As a result of this, almost 40 years after it was first televised, the series is now being remade for the 2004-2005 US broadcast season. Action filmmaker John Woo is attached to direct and Doug Petrie (co-executive producer/writer/director of Buffy The Vampire Slayer) will write and also direct.

Created by Academy Award winning producer Irwin Allen (Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, TV's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea), Lost In Space stars Bill Mumy as Will Robinson and Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith. The DVD release of Season 1 is an unmissable opportunity for both fans old and new to finally own the collectable series for themselves.


Feature running time: Each episode approx. 49 minutes
Language: English
Subtitle: English Hard Of Hearing
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.33 (4x3FF)
Sound Quality: English 2.0

Disc 1:
The Reluctant Stowaway
The Derelict
Island In The Sky
There Were Giants In The Earth

Disc 2:
The Hungry Sea
Welcome Stranger
My Friend, Mr. Nobody
Invaders From the Fifth Dimension

Disc 3:
The Oasis
The Sky Is Falling
Wish Upon A Star
The Raft

Disc 4:
One Of Our Dogs Is Missing
Attack of the Monster Plants
Return From Outer Space
The Keeper - Part 1

Disc 5:
The Keeper - Part 2
The Sky Pirate
Ghost In Space
The War of the Robots

Disc 6:
The Magic Mirror
The Challenge
The Space Trader
His Majesty Smith

Disc 7:
The Space Croppers
All That Glitters
The Last Civilization
A Change Of Space

Disc 8:
Follow The Leader
No Place To Hide (unaired pilot episode)
Featurette - CBS Network Presentation

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