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KROD MANDOON AND THE FLAMING SWORD OF FIRE is a very silly but also very funny fantasy action comedy series starring Sean Maguire as Krod and Matt Lucas as the fiendishly evil ruler of the land. Krod's frustrated love interest is played by the very sexy India de Beaufort who as well as being gorgeous is tough, never cries and thinks nothing of bedding an entire village!

And so to the story... In the darkest days of the Meconian Empire, tyranny reigned throughout the land until a glimmer of hope arrived - the son of a blacksmith and a stay-at-home mum, a man of unwavering determination: Krod Mandoon (Sean Maguire, Meet The Spartans), the last great hope in the struggle against the evil ruler, Chancellor Dongalor (Matt Lucas, Little Britain).

To assist in the great fight, Krod has assembled a band of remarkably ineffectual freedom fighters: Aneka (India de Beaufort, Run, Fatboy, Run), the beautiful Pagan warrioress whose weapon of choice is sex; Loquasto (Steve Speirs, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace), the oafish servant with bad aim; Zezelryck (Kevin Hart, Scary Movie 3 & 4, Along Came Polly), the young warlock whose greatest magical gift is spinning a line; and Bruce (comedian Marques Ray), bereaved lover of Krod's late mentor General Arcadius.

Together, they must overcome a myriad of obstacles in their quest to save the world, including name-calling, hired assassins and bad hair days. Will they succeed?

You might recognise Sean Maguire (Krod) from his lead role in MEET THE SPARTANS and if you liked that movie then chances are you will also like KROD MANDOON. But KROD will also appeal to a much wider audience given the chance as MEET THE SPARTANS had some overly long sequences that were stretched to fill out an already short film, whereas each episode of KROD MANDOON only has to run half an hour so keeping the jokes and action much tighter.

Personally I loved this show. It's consistently funny with some excellent comedic acting. The only problem is that it's all over too quickly. I really hope it gets a second season.


Extra's featuring on the DVD include:
Behind the Scenes with Kevin Hart
Cast interviews
Out takes
Deleted scenes
Extended scenes
Alternative opening

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