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Season 1

UK DVD: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman
UK Certificate: PG
UK DVD Release Date: 6 October 2008

Screen legends BARBARA EDEN and LARRY HAGMAN (TV's Nip/Tuck and Dallas) sparkle in this enchanting series about a US astronaut whose life is turned upside down when he crash lands on a remote island and unwittingly releases a beautiful and mischievous genie from a bottle.

Returning home, it isn't long before Jeannie is granting her master's every wish - whether he wants it or not and causing chaos into the bargain.

Containing 30 episodes packed with magical madcap antics, I DREAM OF JEANNIE - SEASON 1 is an essential collection for fans of this timeless sitcom.


The Lady in the Bottle
My Hero?
Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?
Jeannie and the Marriage Caper
G.I. Jeannie
The Yacht Murder Case
Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?
The Americanization of Jeannie
The Moving Finger
Djinn and Water
Whatever Became of Baby Custer?
Where'd You Go-Go?
Russian Roulette
What House Across the Street?
Too Many Tonys
Get Me to Mecca on Time
Richest Astronaut in the World
Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?
Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie
My Master, the Doctor
Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper
How Lucky Can You Get?
Watch the Birdie
Permanent House Guest
Bigger Than a Bread Box
My Master, the Great Rembrandt
My Master the Thief
This Is Murder
My Master the Magician
I'll Never Forget What's Her Name

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