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Season 4

UK DVD: Universal Playback
Cast: Bill Cosby, Tibideaux Sabrina Le Beauf, Lisa Bonet, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Tempestt Bledsoe, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Phylicia Rashad
UK Certificate: PG
UK DVD Release Date: 2 February 2009

Blazing a trail for hugely successful sit-coms such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Roseanne, Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, The Cosby Show was credited as being "TV's biggest hit in the 1980s" - TV Guide. Viewers simply couldn't get enough of the close-knit prosperous African-American family The Huxtables as they struggled with the ups and downs of family life in Brooklyn.

Now you can relive the heady days of this timeless Emmy and Golden Globe award winning classic. Featuring great guest appearances including a young Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy), Angela Bassett (What's Love Got to Do with It, Boyz n the Hood, Malcolm X) Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride, Clueless) and Christopher Plummer (A Beautiful Mind, Inside Man), Season 4 of The Cosby Show is simply a must own DVD to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Loveable Dr. Heathcliff (Bill Cosby) is a successful obstetrician and father of five - the eldest Sondra (Tibideaux Sabrina Le Beauf), beautiful Denise (Lisa Bonet), underachiever Theo (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), precocious Vanessa (Tempestt Bledsoe), and little Rudy (Keshia Knight Pulliam). His wife Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) is a successful attorney and strong homemaker. Together they are a very happily married, dual-profession couple with aspirations of raising their five children in an uplifting, positive environment. In season 4 Dr. Heathcliff's oldest daughter Sondra gets married and faces all of the challenges it brings. Theo is in high school, chasing girls and being mischievous and Denise has left the family home to go to college. Vanessa is going through an awkward teenage phase and starting to date and Rudy turns eight but remains as adorable as ever.

Highlights from this season include episodes 'Theogate' - Theo gets in trouble for making fun of an overweight girl, 'The Locker Room' - Vanessa goes out with one of Theo's friends who is known for bragging about "scoring" with girls...and does the same with Vanessa, 'Home for the Weekend' - Denise comes home from college but the family are disappointed that she spends all of her time with friends, and 'The Prom' - Theo's attempt to have a memorable prom date and impress a girl goes disastrously wrong.

The Cosby Show Season 4 is a cheerful and witty look into the growing pains of family life in the Huxtable household and features fantastic humour and a genuine family atmosphere. It shows once again why it held TV's #1 slot for a record 5 consecutive years.

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