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Season 6

Dark clouds form on Sunnydale and black magic begins to seep in as Buffy falls out of heaven and back to Earth!

Season 6 sees the mood thicken to crescendo as our favourite characters clash like we have never seen them before! With over 6 hours of exclusive and novel extras, this is probably the best Buffy DVD boxset ever.

Packed with exclusive VAM including commentaries, Season Six Overview and Easter Eggs, this DVD boxset really kicks ass! This DVD boxset really allows Buffy fans to get a deep insight into season 6 with an exhilarating and unique one hour discussion from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The series is on 6 discs and includes the infamous musical episode 'Once More With Feeling'. Not only can you sing along with the characters throughout the episode, but fans can also go and grab a microphone, as disc two also includes three 'sing-a-long' karaoke extras!

Get ready for the Scooby gang to go through some drastic changes in this 6th season, as dark forces that ripple beneath Sunnydale have evolved and are starting to vibrate! Back from the grave, Buffy finds out that living and actually feeling are two very separate things. She cannot feel pain, hate or love. At least she cannot feel these things with humans... But could she have feelings with a vampire? Spike is hot on her tail to find out!

As sparks fly within the gang, a new dangerous and menacing trio arrive in Sunnydale... Warren and his mischievous gang plot to take over Sunnydale and leave havoc in their wake.

Danger surrounds the gang as relationships are overpowered by the supernatural. Who can Buffy trust? Can she even trust herself? An explosive finale sees Buffy and Willow in an action-packed battle that must decide the fate of the world...
Running Time Episodes: Each episode approx: 45 minutes (22 episodes)
Running Time VAM: 3 hours approx
Certificate: 15
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Original Aspect Ratio: (16X9) 1.78:1
Sound & Picture Quality: Dolby surround 2.0

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