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Season 5

Once again the latest BUFFY DVD box set is our top choice on the DVD market. The extras provided are a must for fans and help complete the season.

Buffy finally meets up with the legendary Count Dracula at the very start of Season 5 in Buffy Vs Dracula! Meanwhile Buffy suddenly has a sister named Dawn who has apparently always been there - but has she? Other events in Buffy's family life unfold as her mother Joyce's health dramatically deteriorates.

As Buffy comes to terms with the new arrival of her sister Dawn and the death of her mother, a wicked force comes to Sunnydale in the form of Glory in search of The Key and enlists a demon to destroy Buffy.

Spike becomes more and more part of the gang and finally admits his love for Buffy. Riley also confesses his love for Buffy but as it appears unrequited he leaves Sunnydale to return to his military unit.

As Sunnydale clouds over with Buffy's most dangerous quest, the identity of The Key is finally revealed by the Watchers Council to be Buffy's sister Dawn! If Dawn is killed, hell will break out on earth. Buffy therefore makes the ultimate sacrifice and ends her life to save her sister and the world.

Is this the end of Buffy? Who can save her now?

This stunning DVD boxset is delightfully packaged in an album style book with loads of fabulous extras, including 7 featurettes, Joss Whedon commentary and character spotlights. Following a long line of hugely successful Buffy DVD releases, this is set to be one of the best yet.

Season 5 is another success story for Joss Whedon. It is a breathtaking mix of stunning fight sequences and high emotion from a man still very much in control of his creation.

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