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Season 4

As well as the compulsory electrifying Buffy action, this DVD boxset has more value added material than ever before and it's in widescreen. With not ONE, but TWO commentaries from the legendary Joss Whedon (six in total), 5 featurettes including 'The Sets of Sunnydale' and 'Buffy, Inside the Music', 4 Scripts, 2 Buffy Trailers, Cast Biographies, and much much more.

Following the huge success of Seasons 1-3, Season 4 will not disappoint. Joss Whedon creates and directs some of his best episodes yet, as seen with 'Who Are You?' and 'Restless' as well as the acclaimed episode 'Hush' and an accompanying featurette.

Season 4 sees the introduction of new character Riley as the boyfriend of Buffy and love blossoms in Sunnydale for the couple as they discover each other's powers. Romance is also on the rocks for Oz as he confesses he is still in love with Willow, while a bewildered Willow confesses her newfound relationship with Tara!

Angel fans will also be delighted to see a return of Angel to Sunnydale in 'The Yoko Factor', leaving Buffy divided between old flame and new boyfriend Riley.

The Scooby gang are forced to integrate themselves into university life and find it harder than they had thought, dealing with usual adolescent issues like homesickness and dating - not helped by blood-sucking vampires making their evil presence felt.

This boxset is a gripping combination of teenage life and ghoulish heart stopping vampire action that make Buffy The Vampire such addictive viewing.

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