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THE 4400

The 4400 comes in a two-disc DVD set containing the first six episodes of this unprecedented and highly successful TV mini-series. The 4400 is an exciting and ground-breaking drama produced in association with Francis Ford Coppola. This engaging and highly entertaining series more than lives up to its reputation as the new X-Files.

Over the last century thousands of people have gone missing and were presumed dead. When a meteor impacts over Earth, suddenly and inexplicably all 4400 people are returned at once as they were on the day they vanished; however a chain-reaction of events is set in a motion that will alter the destiny of mankind forever.

This first series establishes the premise that the 'missing people' of varying age's and backgrounds, have been away from anything between a week and 60 years. Their return prompts a government investigation to piece together where they’ve been and why they’ve been returned. It becomes apparent that the individuals have not aged or been harmed in any way and have assumed paranormal skills that they did not have before disappearing.

Drawing together plot-lines that include paranormal and cultural undertones, The 4400 is a thought-provoking and superbly constructed series of stories following the ‘returnees’ as they attempt to resume a normal life once more. The dramatic content of each carefully constructed and beautifully filmed plot-line is enhanced as the discovery of abnormal powers in some of the people begins to generate widespread and unwanted interest, resulting in further alienation and trauma. A young man has the power to restore life or bring about the onset of death in people; a young girl has the ability to see into the future and a pregnant woman carries an unborn child that may unlock the secrets to the universe.

The series introduces various themes of social alienation and cause-and-affect, but among the most intriguing and diverse is the unique way The 4400 explores the relationships between people and how pre-conceptions of the paranormal and fate construct a world underpinned with both hope and fear.

Each plot-line is infused with an undercurrent of ambiguity that leaves the audience second-guessing what they are seeing and in what to trust, and the introduction of multiple characters ensures that each story is enriched with a sense of suspense and freshness that transcends the genre. Produced in association with Francis Ford Coppola, the series is an incredibly compelling and intelligent drama that will inspire and enthral fans of drama and sci-fi alike. The 4400 is available to own in a two-disc DVD set that includes over six hours of gripping plotlines and three-dimensional characters that superbly bring each story to life.

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