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Year: 2000
USA: Inferno Film Productions
Cast: Julian Lee, Barbara Gehring, Trygve Lode, Michael L Amory, Christina B, Leslie Bova, Marni Brooks, Gene Brown, Pete Conners, Lee Crawford, Corey Davidson, Norman Dehm, Sam Del Rio, Sunshine Diaz, Chris Dressler, Billy Easter, George Elliot, Laura Elliot, Cathryn Farnsworth, Steve Fite, George Flynn, Kate Ford, Gayle Galvez, Susan L Gann, Michelle Grove, Anna Hadzi, Gary Hansbrough, Allen Heaton, Michelle Jasinski, Rob Johnson, Jennifer Kahler, Christian Lertch, Kate Lynott, Trina Magness, Ed Mann, Phil Martinez, Roseanna Martinez, Brian McCulley, Brett McEntire, Ron Montoya, Michelle Munoz, Karl Nealer, Ted Newsome, Leigh Ann Post, Donald Richardson, Vivienne Roberts, Daryl Rolando, Steve Sealy, Scott Sheely, Laurel Sheridan, Jamie Shoup, Natalie Smith, Jennifer Stone, Travis Torres, Steven Vestey, Liz White, Alex Wilder, Ken Witt
Director: Mark Steven Grove
USA Rated: R for some violence and language
USA Release Date: 10 March 2000 (Limited Release)


Martial arts master Dragon Pak (Julian Jung Lee) is the man who will stop at nothing to find his missing sister. Lieutenant Dana 'Hawk' Hawkins (Barbara Gehring) is the cop who risks her career…and her life…to help him. Together they plunge into the dark and sinister world of the evil Therion (Trygve Lode)…a criminal underworld of hidden laboratories, women chained in dungeons, and human experimentation in pursuit of world domination…


Running Time: 87 mins
New Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack
Music video featuring the goth/industrial song NOW YOU'RE MINE! (SEI MEINE!) with lyrics and vocals by Trygve Lode
Three trailers

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