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Year: 2009
UK: Verve Pictures
Cast: James Brough, Helen Elizabeth, Kate Henry, Lisa Symonds, Beverley Eve, Robbie Gott, Barbara Hatwell, Richard Helm, Rachael Kearney, Jason Mulhearn, Lenny Wood, Thierry Bwaka, Rachel Cain, Chris Carney, Patricia Dawson, Hayley Doyle, Dave Hart, Shaun Mason, John Maude, Steven O'Toole, Greg Patmore, Jack Rigby, Eugene Byrne, Luke Bennett, Lisa Davies, Laura Swift, Kerry Williams
Director: David Morrissey
Country: UK
UK: 89 mins
UK Certificate: tbc
UK Release Date: tbc
Production Company


Based on the original stage play The Pool, written by Helen Elizabeth and James Brough, David (James Brough) from London has a one-night stand in Liverpool that goes completely wrong. He ends up stranded in Liverpool with just the change in his pocket and can't wait to get home to London.

He gambles with the little money that he has to try and win enough for the return fare to London and along the way meets up with a local girl, Tina (Helen Elizabeth), and then his alters his plans after meeting her when she shows his the sights of Liverpool as they begin to feel a growing connection to each other.

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