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Year: 2003
UK: Millivres Multi Media
Cast: Lisa Gornick, Raquel Cassidy, Ruth Posner, Brendan Gregory, Sarah Patterson, Kemal Sylvester, Kate McGoldrick, Harri Alexander, Caitlin Morrow, Sophie Grymer, Aimee Cowan, Olivia MacDonald, Ben Paterson, Anna Stokes, Darren Black, Roger Dunn, Carmine Canuso, Tracey Kashi, Catriona McLaughlin, Kiki Kendrick, Birghitta Bernard
Director: Lisa Gornick
Country: UK
UK: 73 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language and strong sexual references
UK Release Date: 23 April 2004 (Limited Release - London and Bristol)


DO I LOVE YOU? is a vibrant, philosophical comedy that dives into life's big questions. It starts with the breakdown of the relationship between Marina (Lisa Gornick) and her girlfriend Romy (Raquel Cassidy from UK Channel 4's TV series, TEACHERS). Marina's need to know why this has happened spirals out to include an ensemble of characters all dealing with issues which reflect her own. This is a notebook narrative in the confessional form.

DO I LOVE YOU? makes philosophising the main device of film writing, as opposed to a strict, classic narrative. A series of dialogues were the starting point. With the ease of digital video and desktop editing, filming was used as an extension of the writing process. Story lines were woven together in the edit, further scenes were added and a line of thought was created.

DO I LOVE YOU? was made with the enthusiasm and creativity of the cast and crew. Working on the hoof, it utilised the unique talents of two crew members, a few actors and a handful of scenes. The result was a process that felt alive and in the moment. Made more in the fashion of a documentary rather than a drama, the result is a vibrant exploration of love, life and its labels.

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