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Year: 2010
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales, Lawrence Bayne, Bryan Murphy, Alexander Conti, Tim Turnell, Dewshane Williams
Director: Kim Chapiron
Countries: France / Canada / UK:
UK: 100 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence and one scene of sexual violence
UK Release Date: 27 August 2010 (Limited Release)


DOG POUND doesn't hide its despair where its story takes place. From young French director Kim Chapiron (SHEITAN), this drama is a chilling walk through a training ground for violence and aggression. Able to stand up on its own bare boned terms to comparisons with Jacques Audiard's A PROPHET, DOG POUND follows three young offenders with a camera that couldn't be closer to the skin. Cinematographer Andre Chemetoff sustains that tactility throughout the film, so the cramped spacers are felt as much as seen.

Inspired by Alan Clarke's SCUM, DOG POUND is directed by Kim Chapiron and recently picked up the “Best new narrative filmmaker” award at The Tribeca Film Festival 2010.

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