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Year: 2000
USA & UK: Buena Vista
Cast (voices of): D B Sweeney, Julianna Margulies, Joan Plowright, Alfre Woodard, Max Casella, Ossie Davis, Hayden Panettiere, Della Reese, Peter Siragusa, Samuel E Wright
Directors: Eric Leighton, Ralph Zondag
Country: USA
USA & UK: 82 mins
USA Rated: PG for intense images
UK Certificate: PG for mild horror and threat
USA Release Date: 19 May 2000
UK Release Date: 13 October 2000


DINOSAUR the movie is set during the Late Cretaceous period, some 65 million years ago. It follows the action packed journey of a three ton iguanodon called Aladar. Separated from his own species as a hatchling and raised by a group of lemurs on an island paradise, Aladar's life is plunged into chaos when a devastating meteor shower forces him to join a group of migrating dinosaurs looking for a safe nesting ground. With water and food in short supply and the threat of hosilities from other creatures, Aladar tries to change the established ways of this herd of dinosaurs and show that they can only hope to survive by adapting.

This new Walt Disney Pictures' epic has all the latest in special effects, computer generated characters and digitally enhanced live action photography.

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