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Year: 2008
UK: ICA Films
Cast: Orsi Tóth, Felix Lajkó, Lili Monori, Sandor Gaspar, Martin Wuttke
Director: Kornel Mundruczó
Countries: Hungary / Germany
Language: Hungarian (English subtitles)
UK: 92 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong images of sexual violence
UK Release Date: 8 May 2009 (Limited Release)
UK Distributor


DELTA is the story of disturbing family relationships in a wild Hungarian delta, when a sister, Fauna (Orsi Tóth), and brother, Mihail (Felix Lajkó), fall in love.

Starring Orsi Tóth and newcomer Felix Lajkó - in his first film - both of whom give astonishing performances. Made with Bela Tarr on board as a consultant, this still, powerful film has echoes of Terrence Malick's DAYS OF HEAVEN and the quiet, industrious opening scenes of THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

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