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Year: 2006
USA: Peach Arch Entertainment
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon, Elvis Costello, Callie Thorne, Kevin Corrigan, Richard Short, David Wain, Nicole Viccius, Cingue Lee, Mel Gorham, Peter Appel, Doris Belack, Tom Aldredge, Kevin Phillips, Rodrigo Lopresti, Ronald Guttman, Melissa Rauch, Douglas Crosby, Joseph D'Onofrio, Lynn Cohen, Dennis Parlato, Jeff Branson, Antoinette LaVecchia, Rob Breckenridge, Amy Hargreaves, Juani Feliz, Matt Grace, Kristen Schall, Jack Gwaltney, Jerome Weinstein, Kristina Klebe, Katya Diaz, Kyndra Reevey, Sheryl Murakami, Phillip Bloch, Kevin Brown, Tobias Truvillion, Cordelia Reynolds, Teddy Eck, Billy Griffith
Director: Tom DiCillo
Country: USA
USA: 107 mins
USA Release Date: 15 August 2007 (Limited Release)


Small time celebrity photographer Les Galantine (Steve Buscemi) has a big mouth and big dreams, but he can't quite talk himself into the right parties to get that one great exclusive photo. He meets Toby (Michael Pitt), a homeless kid who is drawn to the bright lights of New York City and "hires" him as his assistant.

Les pays Toby nothing but room and board but the two are drawn to each other and become friends. Although Toby enjoys the glamour and excitement of Les' lifestyle he has dreams of his own, which is to become an actor.

When Toby accidentally meets K'Harma Leeds (Alison Lohman), a beautiful pop diva, love blossoms. Toby finds that he's torn between the chance to follow his dream and to fulfil his obligation to Les. This conflict deepens when Toby leaves Les and lands a part on a Reality Show, partly by sleeping with the show's casting director Dana (Gina Gershon).

As Toby's fortunes continue to rise, Les tries to reach out, while also maintaining a bitter resentment toward his former protege...

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