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Year: 2008
USA: Freestyle Releasing
Cast (voices of): Freddie Prinze Jr, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chris Kattan, Burt Reynolds, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Louis Gossett Jr, Eric Idle, Kelly Ripa, Jed Rhein, Melissa McBride, Jeff Winter, Armin Shimerman, Sally Kellerman (narrator)
Directors: Marc F Adler, Jason Maurer
Country: USA
USA: 94 mins
USA Rated: PG for sequences of fantasy action violence
USA Release Date: 12 December 2008


"A forgotten enemy. A forbidden romance. A fantastic adventure."

In this love story, the country is divided and preparing for war as a power hungry villain seeks to rule the kingdom. Delgo (Freddie Prinze Jr) is a rather rebellious teenager in contrast to his best friend Filo (Chris Kattan).

But in this uncertain time, Delgo falls for a beautiful girl of an opposing race, who is the daughter of King Zahn (Louis Gossett Jr), Princess Kyla (Jennifer Love Hewitt).

But it takes the power of Delgo's love for his clandestine princess, Kyla, to prevent a damaging and destructive war.

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