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Year: 2000
UK: Peakviewing Transatlantic
Cast: Maxwell Caulfield, Chantell Stander, Mia Sara, Jeff Fahey, Peter Bonner, Big Mick, Charlotte Savage, Dale Cutts, Emmanuel Castis, Michelle Groenewald, Greg Melvill-Smith
Director: David Lister
Country: South Africa
UK: 88 mins
UK Certificate: U contains very mild sex references and peril
UK Release Date: 28 December 2001


DAZZLE is a fairy, gnome and wizard fantasy in which a fairy called Crystal (Chantel Stander), being chased by a dog, bangs into a tree and changes to human size. Suffering from amnesia and not knowing who she is, she stumbles through the door of Tom's (Maxwell Caulfield) house during the night and collapses in his arms! Two gnomes, Oddkin (Petter Bonner) and Bodkin (Big Mick), battle comically to keep her in the real world and to stop a mysterious dark wizard called The Collector (Jeff Fahey), who wants to imprison her for his collection.

The movie stars Maxwell Caulfield (Miles Colby from THE COLBYS TV series), Mia Sara (TIMECOP and FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF), Jeff Fahey (THE LAWNMOWER MAN) and Chantell Stander (HOODED ANGELS).

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